Internship Opportunities

The Corporate Headquarter Office of Trusted American Insurance Agency offers a variety of internship opportunities to obtain mentored business experience. Interns have the option of selecting from multiple departments to gain a broad understanding of office professions. See our departments below to select which department fits your educational major and/or private sector SkillBridge re-entry career ambitions.

Project Management

Operations Managers

project manager looking over data

Project Management collaborates closely with departmental managers to supervise multiple projects. Daily responsibilities encompass tasks such as drafting and organizing project-related documents, as well as gathering and analyzing data to monitor performance and effectiveness.

Skills Required:

  • Communication: Effective communication is crucial for conveying project objectives, coordinating with team members, and managing stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Leadership: Project managers need strong leadership skills to inspire and motivate team members, delegate tasks, and resolve conflicts efficiently.
  • Organization: Excellent organizational skills are essential for planning, scheduling, and prioritizing tasks to ensure project milestones are met on time and within budget.
  • Problem-solving: Project managers must be adept at identifying potential issues, analyzing root causes, and implementing solutions to keep the project on track.
  • Time Management: The ability to manage time effectively, set realistic deadlines, and allocate resources efficiently is vital for project success.
  • Risk Management: Project managers need to identify potential risks, develop mitigation strategies, and monitor risk factors throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility and adaptability are essential for handling unexpected changes or challenges that may arise during the project.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation skills are valuable for resolving conflicts, managing expectations, and reaching consensus among stakeholders with competing interests.
  • Budgeting and Financial Management: Understanding budgeting principles and financial management is necessary for overseeing project finances, controlling costs, and maximizing resources.
  • Technical Proficiency: Depending on the project, project managers may require technical skills related to specific industries or project management software to effectively plan and execute tasks.

Skills Gained:
Improved leadership skills, management, organization, analysis, decision making and time management

Job Value:

The job value of project management lies in its ability to efficiently oversee complex tasks, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. It facilitates effective communication, coordination, and problem-solving among team members, ultimately contributing to the successful delivery of products or services. Additionally, project management enhances organizational efficiency, productivity, and profitability by optimizing resource allocation and minimizing risks.

Digital Marketing

Software & Data,
Graphic Design

The Marketing Department plays a pivotal role in driving brand awareness and engagement for our diverse portfolio of brands. We also manage internal sales through our Marketing shop, offering custom design products and services to our clients. This includes branded merchandise, promotional materials, and design consultations. By providing these services in-house, we streamline processes and uphold brand consistency. Our daily tasks include creating blogs, digital content, social media campaigns, flyers, user testing, and data analysis.

Skills Required:

  • Strong writing and editing skills for creating engaging content.
  • Creativity and design skills for developing visual assets.
  • Ability to conduct market research and analyze data.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Experience in design platforms such as Canva or Adobe Products.
  • Experience with email platform, like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Skills Gained:

  • Proficiency in digital marketing tools and platforms.
  • Experience with social media management and analytics.
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices.
  • Sales experience, particularly in promoting custom design products and services internally.
  • Understanding of branding and the ability to maintain brand consistency.

Job Value:
This internship is valuable for anyone looking for a job in marketing, digital marketing, copywriting, communications, journalism or public relations.

Commissions & Accounting

Risk Mgmt & Insurance,
Financial Analysis,

accountant using calculator

Assisting w/carrier statements and invoices, ensure accuracy within documents, audit credit cards reports, sending emails to carriers, pulling accounting numbers.

Skills Required:
You must have a basic knowledge of Excel (copy/paste, very basic formulas, sorting), Basic knowledge of Word, Basic knowledge of Outlook (creating email drafts), basic knowledge of navigating through File Explorer, and great attention to detail. 

Skills Gained:
You will learn data entry of detailed data, how to  access carrier portals, more advanced Excel skills, how to create and use email templates, how to reconcile commission data, and how to review previously prepared documents against checklists. 

Job Value:
This internship is valuable for anyone looking for jobs as a CPA, bookkeeper, accounts payable/receivable clerk, financial or budget analyst, any job related to accounting, or any job related to insurance or entrepreneurial business ambitions.

Web Development

Cyber Security,
IT Support,
Data Systems,
Software Engineer,
Web Design

The web development department oversees our entire web presence and that of many others. Ranging from simple landing pages to complex, custom made agency management systems, we can provide opportunities for many skills and expertise.

Skills Required:
Pre-existing coding skills in any language, cybersecurity basics, and an understanding of the following list is desired: SFTP/SSH, Git, GitHub, Rest APIs, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), Google Cloud Platforms.

Skills Gained:
Website development best practices, SEO Standards, Server Management & Setup, Cybersecurity, CI/CD, Unit Testing, Docker, Ember.js, Typescript, and WordPress.

Job Value:
This internship is valuable for those seeking to improve their web development/design skills, further their coding knowledge, or improve their understanding of data structure, networking, or cybersecurity.

Customer Service

Agent Contracting,
Customer Operations,
Customer Support,
Account Management

The Contracting Department serves as the central support team at corporate headquarters, overseeing the maintenance of contracts for licensed agents nationwide. It manages a repository of information to address inquiries related to contracts, state licensing, and corporate carrier appointments. Moreover, the department aids agents in obtaining appointments with insurance carriers, ensuring they are equipped to facilitate insurance product sales. Additionally, it is responsible for keeping, organizing, and updating agent records, including licenses, certifications, and E&O insurance documentation.

Skills Required:

  • Attention to Detail: Ensuring accuracy and completeness when managing contracts, agent records, and regulatory documentation.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills to address inquiries from agents, corporate stakeholders, and insurance carriers.
  • Organization: Ability to maintain orderly records and documentation, facilitating easy retrieval and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Negotiation: Skill in negotiating contracts and appointments with insurance carriers on behalf of agents.
  • Adaptability: Capacity to adapt to changes in regulations, procedures, and client needs within the insurance industry

Skills Gained:

  • Contract Management: Proficiency in managing contracts, including drafting, reviewing, and maintaining agreements with agents and insurance carriers.
  • Customer Service: Developing strong customer service skills through addressing inquiries and providing support to agents regarding contracts and licensing.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Understanding of regulatory requirements related to insurance contracts, licensing, and appointments, ensuring adherence to legal standards.
  • Relationship Building: Cultivating relationships with agents, insurance carriers, and corporate stakeholders to facilitate smooth contract negotiations and ongoing support.
  • Administrative Proficiency: Enhancing administrative skills through organizing and maintaining accurate records, certifications, and documentation for agents and contracts.

Job Value:
The job value of working in the Contracting Department lies in its pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating smooth operations within the insurance industry. By effectively managing contracts and agent records, this department contributes to the organization’s ability to maintain positive relationships with agents and insurance carriers, ultimately driving revenue growth and fostering long-term success. Additionally, its focus on regulatory compliance helps mitigate risks and maintain the organization’s reputation in the market.

Logistics and Supply

Supply Chain & Logistics

office worker going through paperwork

The Logistics and Supply Department within our insurance agency plays a critical role in ensuring the seamless flow of materials, information, and services necessary for the efficient operation of our business. As a key component of our operational infrastructure, this department is responsible for managing inventory, coordinating shipments, and overseeing the procurement process to support our agents and clients.

Skills Required:

  • Inventory Management: Proficiency in managing inventory, including tracking stock levels, conducting audits, and implementing efficient replenishment strategies.
  • Procurement: Ability to source and procure materials and services needed for the agency’s operations, including negotiating contracts, evaluating suppliers, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Supply Chain Coordination: Skill in coordinating the flow of materials and information throughout the supply chain, including managing shipments, tracking deliveries, and resolving logistical issues.
  • Vendor Management: Capability to establish and maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers, including negotiating terms, monitoring performance, and resolving disputes.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical abilities are essential for analyzing data related to inventory levels, procurement costs, and supply chain performance to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

Skills Gained:

  • Inventory Management: Developing proficiency in managing inventory levels, conducting audits, and implementing efficient replenishment strategies.
  • Procurement: Acquiring skills in sourcing materials and services, negotiating contracts, evaluating suppliers, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Supply Chain Coordination: Gaining experience in coordinating shipments, tracking deliveries, and resolving logistical issues to ensure smooth operations.
  • Vendor Management: Learning how to establish and maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers, negotiate terms, and monitor performance.
  • Analytical Skills: Enhancing analytical abilities through data analysis of inventory levels, procurement costs, and supply chain performance to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

Job Value:
The job value of working in the Logistics and Supply Department of an Insurance Agency lies in its pivotal role in ensuring the efficient flow of materials and services essential for the agency’s operations. By effectively managing inventory, procurement, and supply chain coordination, this department contributes to the smooth functioning of the agency, enabling it to deliver exceptional service to clients and agents. Additionally, the skills gained in inventory management, procurement, and vendor management are highly transferable and valuable in various industries, enhancing career prospects and professional growth opportunities for individuals working in this department.

Account Executive

Sales Strategies,
Business Development,
Administrative Support,

administrator using the phone

The Account Executive and Business Development Department is integral to driving growth and fostering client relationships. Account Executives serve as primary contacts for clients, ensuring satisfaction and addressing concerns. They also focus on identifying new business opportunities through strategic partnerships and market research. Collaboration with other departments is key to aligning strategies and delivering comprehensive solutions. Regular performance analysis helps in assessing effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

Skills Required:

  • Sales and Negotiation: Proficiency in sales techniques and negotiation skills are crucial for acquiring new clients and maintaining existing accounts.
  • Relationship Building: The ability to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and business partners is essential for long-term success.
  • Strategic Planning: Skills in strategic thinking and planning enable professionals to identify opportunities, develop business growth strategies, and adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, are necessary for conveying value propositions, negotiating contracts, and fostering collaboration across departments.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills help in assessing market trends, evaluating competitor strategies, and making data-driven decisions to optimize business development efforts.

Skills Gained:

  • Salesmanship: Acquiring proficiency in sales techniques and negotiation strategies to effectively close deals and generate revenue.
  • Client Relationship Management: Developing the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Strategic Thinking: Enhancing strategic planning skills to identify opportunities, devise growth strategies, and adapt to market changes.
  • Communication: Improving communication skills, both verbal and written, to convey value propositions, negotiate contracts, and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Analytical Abilities: Strengthening analytical skills to assess market trends, evaluate competitor strategies, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

Job Value:
The job value of being an Accounts Executive and Business Development Specialist lies in its ability to drive revenue growth, expand market presence, and foster long-term relationships with clients. These roles are essential for identifying new business opportunities, negotiating contracts, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, they contribute to the overall success and profitability of the organization by optimizing sales strategies and maximizing revenue streams.

Human Resources

Peoples Ops,
HR managers,
Talent Operations

As a Human Resources Manager intern, you will be an integral part of our HR team, working on meaningful projects and gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of human resources. This internship offers a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in human resources management within a fast-paced and supportive private sector environment.

Skills Required:
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to work collaboratively in a team and independently when required.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Skills Gained:
Project Planning, Coordination and Communication, Quality Assurance, Employee Relations, HR Administration and Compliance and Reporting

Job Value:
Provides real-world experience within the field of HR to better prepare you for a rewarding career and smooth transition

Insurance Agent

insurance agent with client
Insurance agents are responsible for managing books of business, enrollment support, creating quotes for customers, ordering supplies, understanding insurance processes, and customer service. Daily tasks may include using quoting software, speaking with clients and prospects, responding to emails, and managing and ordering materials for customers.
Skills Required:
You must be proficient in Microsoft Office, quick to adapt to new technology, have excellent communication skills, and a willingness to learn.
Skills Gained:
You will learn the soft skills all insurance agents must master: a positive attitude, effective communication, excellent customer service, quick learning, patience, and persistence. You will also learn the fundamentals of insurance and insurance product knowledge.
Job Value:
This internship will help you become a licensed insurance agent, an insurance agent assistant, an enrollment specialist, or a customer service representative.